Ride for a mate

In a month I will set off on the ride of my life!

Why ride a bike from Perth to Sydney, solo and unsupported? For me, it’s simple – to help a mate, whose story will inspire, amaze and break your heart, all at once.

Jason (Buddy) Miller, is lucky to be alive. What Started out as flu-like symptoms soon turned into something much nastier than that, causing his internal organs to shut down leaving him in an induced coma.

Buddy working on the Manly Ferry.

Buddy’s family and friends were told to say their goodbyes, as survival was only a small chance. Buddy continued to fight and has amazed everyone with his positivity and spirit. Sadly, as a result, Buddy’s feet and hands had to be amputated. Despite everything he’s been through, the long road to recovery ahead, even after learning that he would lose his hands and feet, Buddy – who was communicating via an alphabet board at the time – spelt out “Paralympics”. Suddenly a 5,500 km ride doesn’t seem so bad, does it?!?

Buddy in hospital.

I will ride the Indian Pacific Wheel Race in honour of his mate Buddy, in the hope that I can raise money to assist Buddy’s long road to recovery and ongoing needs.

Starting in Freemantle, WA at 6.22 am on the 16th March, the race is solo, single-staged, unsupported, 5,500km road cycling race, ocean-to-ocean across Australia finishing at the Sydney Opera House whenever you get there. The clock does not stop and there is no prize money. Nothing is at stake except honour and in my case – helping out someone in need!

I am hoping to complete the race in 26 days, so on average I will be riding 211kms/day, and if all goes to plan to finish in Sydney on my 50th birthday – 10th April.

If you’d like to support my ride and in turn, Buddy, do so via Buddy’s Go Fund Me page: https://www.gofundme.com/ourbestbuddy
Leave a #GoCrossy in the comments so I can track the support generated.

Not comfortable donating via Go Fund Me?
A bank account has been set up for deposits to be made.
Just let us know if you’d love the bank details sent to you!

Buddy’s story and progress can be found via his Facebook page, he’d love a follow!

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