Day Two

Bruce Rock – Southern Cross | 160.6 km

After resting in Bruce Rock we set off early to try and beat the heat. Breakfast in Merredin a distance up the road, quite cool seeing all the bikes at the servo.

We pushed on until Southern Cross but decided to rack it for a period of time as it it’s hot and humidity incredible. New strategy was to rest for a few hours and set off again when cooler later in the night.

Have set a great pace and teamed up with Chris Barker aka “IPWRCaveman” this is his third stint for IPWR and I am stoked to be able to use his expertise and knowledge that’s for sure. Friends with Mich Eyb so he must be a good bloke!

Meal done, we set off again at nightfall and rode the night shift. Managed 345 km’s for the day.


  1. Mark Beach Reply

    well done mate, keep pushing on

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