Day Five

Balladonia – Cocklebiddy – 246 km.

Evening breakfast at Balladonia Roadhouse before another night ride and the start of Day 5.

Photo Credit: Chris Barker @loftyman12

Late start and we bid farewell to Balladonia around 10.00 pm (I.00 am AEST)

Nightshift on the Nullarbor and the 90 Mile Straight – Australia’s Longest Straight Road, 146.6km. It was every bit as tough as I had heard it would be. Glad it’s behind me that’s for sure. The wind is indescribable and relentless.

Photo Credit: Chris Barker @loftyman12

Quick stop at Caiguna and then we pushed on for Cocklebiddy.

I have had no reception for the last few days so full photo credit goes to the boys with me. Chris Barker @loftyman12 and Matt Lockhart @rodneyyyyy_aka_mlock.

Photo credit: Chris Barker @loftyman12

The ride is also taking its toll on my body, I have decided to let the other boys I’ve been riding with go in the morning and I will knock off the pace and take it easy. Just to try and get a bit of relief and hopefully let myself heal a bit. Mentally that takes a toll as these guys are awesome to be around, they keep the moral up and the spirits high. There are other coming through though, that’s the beauty of Indipac!


Border Village – Penong | 410.1km.

Big day on the bike, even crossed the border into South Australia at the start of my ride today. Big tick on the mnetal bucket list.


  1. Paul Nixon Reply

    Thinking of you all the way. Soldier on.

  2. Mark Beach Reply

    Keep pushing on mate, you are doing well legend

  3. T and J Day Reply

    Keep a look out for those trucks ! Your an inspiration.

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