Jacob Update

The ‘Plant Based Pedaller’ – aka Jacob to us. How good is he going!

He’s certainly shocked many and flew under the radar initially pre-race. Prepared both mentally and physically, there really is no reason why he shouldn’t be at the pointy end of this race, just as it’s playing out.

We’ve seen his solo rides prepping and all feel quietly proud of a bloke who is both humble and resilient showing them who’s boss on this epic journey across the Nullarbor and beyond. A natures gentleman who even stops off to do a spot of bird watching along the way. Who’s got time for that?! He does!

Stats so far: (based on approx km’s travelled)

Day One – 441.6 km – Perth to Southern Cross

Day Two – 353.2 km – Southern Cross to Norseman

Day Three – 372.1 km – Norseman to Caiguna

Day Four – 349.6 km – Caiguna to Border Village

Overnight Day Four (19th March), he crossed the border from Western Australia into South Australia, and the race now spans across two states.

Day Five – 410.1 km – Border Village to Penong.

Total km’s travelled: 1900km @1.16 am (AEST) 21/3/19

Photo credit: @plantbasedpedaller

Jacob has survived on a vegan diet and little rest and it seems to not only be working but actually working quite well! My hot tip for IPWR 2020 is that this type of diet may prove popular amongst riders.

Photo credit: @plantbasedpedaller

I don’t know about you, but the dairy-free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and Magnum’s look alright!

Jacob has quietly ridden through small towns and been captured by IPWR paparazzi, but those in the know just follow his Insta page and have been kept updated by his journey pics with a sense of pride knowing the guy that’s coming first!


At the time of writing, Jacob’s lead was out to over 330km. Pretty handy.


  1. ScottW Reply

    Bloody amazing effort and to put it with such a worthwhile cause.
    I can’t stop looking up the map progress whenever I have a spare 30 seconds.

  2. Sally Reply

    Just seen him flying through Dawesley in SA

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