Things aren’t going to plan…

Ok, I’m not going to pretend that the last day and subsequent decisions have been easy. I couldn’t eat last night, I’m guessing due to the stress of “what to do”.

I have two extremely raw areas near where a typical saddle sore forms. I’ll stress now that I don’t have saddle sores (riders will get this). I’ve just peeled the skin away from around the crease from my leg/bum area. I’m struggling to roll over in bed, walk etc. There’s no infection, however, the position that I have to ride in is extremely uncomfortable. I’ve basically been standing up and then sitting on the tip of the saddle and trying to pedal. This has destroyed my legs, which I can handle as everyone’s legs are hurting, however, my pace is “running” pace at best. There’s no free km’s here, to move you have to pedal. There’s bugger all rolling! The weather conditions make it hard to ride in, which is no surprise.

I’ve been travelling predominantly with Chris Barker – “IPWR Caveman”. He’s truly an inspirational person. He & Matt Lockhart – “Rodney#Lifeofbikes” & Justin Barrasch “Juzzy Wuzzy” along with a few others have made the trip so memorable, however, I have had to let them ride on today. Harsh but required as I wasn’t sure of my next move.

Trying to figure out whether or not I can continue has been huge. Having spoken to Tanya & the kids, Belinda C & ultra racing legend Rhino, I’m going to try to refocus.

Basically, I’m desperate to finish this thing. The time and my expectations need to change though. I was initially hoping to keep rolling at approximately 250km per day. I’m sorry to all of you guys that have supported me, but I need to take some time to heal. I’m going to try to continue & I’ll have my tracker on, more for safety than anything. There won’t be any memorable or significant movements.

Not much else to say really. I’m gutted & I know that I really have limited options. I promise I’ll try, for myself, everyone supporting me & for Buddy. Buddy has had a lot of help during his ordeal, but he has actually been helping me so much mentally out on the road, so cheers dude.

Please keep supporting Buddy, my issues will sort themselves out, but the big fella has life-changing shit that needs to be sorted & will require support for a long time yet.

I haven’t opened my last ditch package from home yet, but I’ve held it in my hands. 

I’ll keep you posted, thank you all so much, I’ll never forget the level of care and support. You guys are all amazing. Crossy


  1. T and J Day Reply

    Just having a crack made you a legend ! Have a rest – heal and re focus. Couple of more days than planned – no problem.

  2. Bill Reply

    Mate, when you get the opportunity get some savlon cream it is antiseptic as well try to keep any infection at bay, consider to drop your seat a little bit, one day at a time mate, your cause is admirable but, don’t forget about yourself..

    • Mike Luke Reply

      Respect ✊

  3. Mark Beach Reply

    Crossy, no need to apologise mate, what ever happens, you will be supported by family and mates, baby steps mate

  4. Mark Reply

    Hey Michael,

    I lived the dream last year, trust me, things never go to plan, that’s the “joy” of the IPWR. I had a similar experience at about the same point. All I can say is dig deep, keep going and things will change. Bad days will turn to good days and when you get to Sydney it will all be worth it.

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