Day Six

I wasn’t sure how this day would pan out, and surprisingly it was better than expected. Still very tough, the conditions sort that out, as usual, the wind was brutal. Physically in the nether region, I didn’t feel too bad.

I set off from Cocklebiddy headed to Mandura, only 92 km’s away with no real expectations and actually felt ok in the saddle. The first 50km went by averaging around 20km/hr, the second half of the ride didn’t feel as comfortable but was bearable. I planned to ride to one town at a time and tick them off based on how I felt.

I arrived into Mandura with the intention to eat, restock my supplies, recharge my devices, reassess and to push on if I was able. I was also prepared to rest sufficiently if needed. After redressing my wounds I felt up to the task of the 116km trek ahead to Mundrabilla.

Photo credit: Luke Jeffrey

I was unaware that some of the guys that I saw ride off earlier in the day were not too far up the road. I was happy to ride into town and join ‘Wozdog’, ‘elliotsbiketrip’, ‘Luke Jeffrey TCG’, ‘Juzzy Wuzzy’, ‘theB52.haydn’ and ‘MartyCross’. To say I was pleased to see this group of lads was an understatement. Mentally it was an instant high.

Tomorrow, the plan is to get to the Nullarbor Roadhouse, rounding out a 261km ride if all goes to plan. We’ll cross the border from Western Australia to South Australia, 77 km after leaving Mundrabilla at Border Village. A fairly decent ride but will take it easy and be watching the body is okay to continue on.

Thanks again for the support, as always it’s appreciated.


Penong – Wudinna | 284.6 km

Jacob (who’s in another state!) has been riding hard over the last 24 hours and has extended his lead to around 370km ahead of Paul Chartres.

Lunch at Subway at Border Village was something he had promised himself for months he would do when passing through and he got that ticked off. But apparently no rest for the wicked or Jacob for that matter!

Currently at 2190 km in, he’s definitely making some serious progress with #IPWR.


  1. Kell Reply

    Good To see that you are taking in the right fluids……

  2. Paul Nixon Reply

    Well done Crossy. Sounds like you are ontop of it now. Keep it up, you are a definite legend. Liitle steps are sweet. Roll on!!!!!!

  3. Paul mackie Reply

    Hi Crossy what’s eta for port Augusta
    Might c u there

  4. Bruce Stewart Reply

    Looks like you’re losing a bit of weight. Keep up with the beers!

  5. Peter Dawson Reply

    Glad to see your stats where they are, over 250 again, amazing effort!!. Thanks for the Jacob updates too.

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