Day Eight

An iconic day for one of us – Jacob passed halfway! What a machine.

Saying hello to home – photo / video credit: Darren Williams

For me, a day a little less optimal. The reality finally came. I’ve been operating on credit so to speak and my makeshift ‘fix’ for my saddle issues can go on no more. I have even adjusted my saddle into a ‘non-sustainable’ position to enable me to keep going. Extremely frustrating as legs & head (my major concerns coming into the race) are well in the game!

Basically, Bruce Stewart – a doctor from home, has pulled a miracle and got medical supplies delivered to me at the Nullarbor Roadhouse. We have literally been riding for days with no services to receive any type of medical treatment. The late arrival of the truck means hanging around but this has forced me to have a day off the bike which I ultimately needed. The guys I have been riding with rode off into the distance earlier this morning, which was hard to watch. Hopefully, I meet up with them again. You never know what each day of the IPWR may deliver.

So I’ve got a few decisions to make. As I said pre-race, decisions and conditions are so important and integral to this race. My new focus is to take my time and try not to get carried away.

The plan from here. I’ll get on the bike this afternoon and ride most of the night after my day of rest. This might mean I have to camp (bivvy) on the side of the road if there is nothing around and then push onto Ceduna by tomorrow night.

A big shout out to Wade Death and Jack & Co!

Thanks for Friday, words escape how much I appreciate the support and motivation, and it’s come at a crucial time. I might need some of those donuts when I get back though, I heard they were a hit!

I’ve got to say, it’s awesome to see passion and ability from our area being showcased. I get a grin every time I drive past Jack & Co Pymble, thinking there’s a piece of Taree right there. Congrats Wade on your success.


Laura – halfway point – Adelaide CBD – Murray Bridge | 360.5 km.

Having an absolute blinder of a ride. I bet he is as humble as ever and genuinely surprised at the public interested in his time and position in the race. People wanted to meet him, ride with him and learn all about this Plant Based Pedaller. The man, the myth, the legend that is Jacob Fryatt.

Thank you to the awesome dot watchers for the photos!


  1. Mark Beach Reply

    When you get back mate, come down to Deanos on a friday arvo, I will shout you a beer or two, keep pushing on mate, you are going well

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