Day Seven

Mundrabilla – Eucla – Border Village – Nullarbor Roadhouse | 261km.
Border crossing – Western Australia to South Australia – a small victory.

Day 7 – the day they say the legs start to get better… maybe I’m a day behind! In all honesty, the legs are starting to feel ok, if I could only get the wounds sorted, I’d be happy or at least more comfortable.

The first 60 km was hard, with misty rain and the headwind still brutal, there was a brief reprieve for about 15 km but otherwise full on. Some left a little earlier than others, and I was pretty happy to be travelling okay through the day amongst the guys albeit cooked by the end. I can’t tell you the mental feeling that you get knowing you’re surrounded by the others. Certainly pumps you up when you just can’t wait for the day to be over.

Photo credit: Chris Barker @loftyman12

We did hit some spectacular Australian coastline though, it kind of made up for a tough and long ride. A little bit!

The Great Australian Bight. Photo credit: @theB52.haydn

Eight of us have pulled up stumps here at the Nullarbor Roadhouse tonight – 1685 km since we left Fremantle. All a little less perky but their sense of humour is still ripe. ‘IPWRCaveman’, ‘Juzzy Wuzzy’, ‘Wozdog’, ‘elliotsbiketrip’, ‘Luke Jeffery TCG’, ‘theB52.haydn’ and ‘Marty Cross’.

Tomorrow I have decided again for the second time to let the group go ahead without me. I will take the day to rest up and set off later in the afternoon, in cooler conditions. Again, a hard decision but one I am letting my body make for me. Hopefully, I see them again down the road.


Wudinna – Port Augusta – Laura | 365.8 km.

Meanwhile, Jacob has made it to Laura, SA – almost halfway where he has bedded down for the night after a vegetarian pasta and a cider at the Laura Hotel. Still riding strong, and maintaining a handy lead from Paul. I hope he’s enjoying a well earned few hours sleep.

Current location Laura, SA 22/3/19 @11.00 pm AEST – 2549 km

Photo credit: @plantbasedpedaller

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