Jack & Co – 50c Friday

Whilst Jacob and I are riding the Indipac, supporters back east in the Manning Valley are rallying behind us to add to our cause. The generosity of some never ceases to amaze me.

Jack & Co one of our local cafe’s, service station and convenience store have held a 50c Friday, donating 50c from every transaction at both stores yesterday to our fundraising efforts for Jason ‘Buddy’ Miller. A fellow cyclist Wade Death had already donated previously with food and funds, so from us to you, we say thank you.

We’ve had an update this week that we’ve almost hit the $5000 mark, which just blows me away.

Add to that $681from Jack & Co today and we’re closing to our revised target of $10,000.

The Friday bunchie even called in for their morning coffees!

To think that people took time out of their day today and thought of us is amazing!

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