Day Nine

Biggest day so far for both of us!

Crossy | Nundroo – Ceduna – Poochera| 289 km

Jacob | Murray Bridge – Portland |516 km – plus into Victora!

After spending the night in my bivvy on the side of the road near Nundroo, where I woke unsure how to get out of it, the day started early. What I planned to be a shorter ride turned longer. A massive day with 290 km of riding, but got me 130 km further than my plan. With a tailwind for a lot of the day, I took fair advantage of that and pushed through some pain.

Video and photo credit: Rhino @flinnryan

After stopping in Ceduna and restocking (thanks to Shianne at Foodland) I set off for Wirulla where I knew there was nothing open to restock at all, instead choosing Poochera a further 40 km down route, where I booked a bed and looked forward to a shower and some rest. A second night in the bivvy with possible rain wasn’t my favourable option and with no other choice, it had to be the long ride. Arriving into Poochera @10.30 pm. Not ideal, but I now have a comfy bed calling me. Thanks to the guys for letting me arrive late, so appreciated today!


The plant-based smiling machine rode from Murray Bridge to Portland and didn’t go unnoticed by the dot watching paparazzi. A massive 520 km. Plenty of photos and video of the legend getting on with the job. Looks to still be doing okay physically, or hiding it pretty well!

Coming into Kingston looking strong after completing the Coorong earlier this morning.

Video credit: Karen Parker

Heading up Greenhill Rd toward the Adelaide Hills in good spirits.

Video Credit: Stefan Offenuburger

Passing through Adelaide pretty calmly riding with Abdullah Zeinab alongside him.

Jacob heading along the Kingston South East’s beachfront. A strong cross-tailwind helping him along. Looking very fresh and strong. Photo credit: Andrew Watts

Millicent dot watchers were lucky enough to get their first taste of IPWR awesomeness today for 2019.

Photo & video credit: Belinda Walker

The day was rounded up with a generous ‘Trail Angel’ opening their home to this years riders. Shannon Ross you sound like an amazing host, I might see you in a few days!

Photo credit: Shannon Ross

Thanks again to the dot watchers for the photos and video.



  1. ScottW Reply

    Looks like the nerves have gone and the legs have kicked in. So glad to see everyone doing so well out there.
    Keep it up

  2. Mike Luke Reply

    Great job Mick…. in awe ?

  3. Mark Beach Reply

    Well done Crossy and Jacob, Mick it sounds like you are coming good, keep pushing mate

  4. Simon Hammond Reply

    Crossey your a legend I love the daily up dates, keeps us all grounded and how hard your days are but raising awareness for people who deal with such challenges everyday. Sorry I missed your call last night, I’ll keep trying to call you.
    Looking forward to shooting you a beer or 2 at the opera house.
    Keep looking forward mate and remember it’s not a race.

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