Day Ten

Crossy | Poochera – Wudinna – Kimba | 173.1 km

Jacob | Portland – Port Fairy – Warrnambool – Apollo Bay – Lorne | 306 km

Tough day today, I just didn’t have the legs. Possibly went a little too far yesterday perhaps? I always knew I would pay the price today and I did. It was so good to sleep in a bed though I really wasn’t looking forward to roadside camping again! A shower is a new pleasure I have found in life. Passing through Ceduna yesterday I offered the Caravan Park owner $20 to let me use his shower and was declined. So was desperately wanting that in Poochera when I arrived.

Accommodation: Pub in Poochera, SA

Today I visited the local hospital as I was passing through Wudinna. The lovely young nurse, who I’m sure I’ve scarred for life, cleaned and dressed my battle wounds. She assured me it’s all in a days work for a nurse, but I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t have been expecting that when she got out of bed this morning! It was certainly great to get some decent treatment though and set my mind at ease that there is no infection and all is good.

Combining this time getting treatment with my fatigue meant a much shorter ride today than I’d planned, then throw in a puncture for good measure and my day was made. Those who ride with me can hear me now!

Living the dream.

Still in high spirits though, it’s a mental game now. Focusing and planning each day ahead. Locking in what the day will look like and then trying to ride it. Calculating for Adelaide in 2-3 days where I hope to catch up with Craig Turnbull.


Still going strong at the front, my smiling buddy has extended his lead to around 600 km now. I can’t get the smile off my face when I catch up on his dot each night, so I’m not surprised he is riding with one. Pretty sure he’s calling it a day in Lorne, not sure I will make it to when he is off the bike so I’ll call it now and adjust tomorrow!

Photo credit: Bernadette Marriner


If you haven’t already, please note that there’s no chance I’ll be doing this again! Can’t be sure about Jacob, he seems pretty cruisy, but seriously we’re grateful for your support where you can afford it.



  1. Rupert Guinness Reply

    Loving these updates Crossy, and the format of them. All the very best for the road ahead! Ride well, strong and safe!!

  2. Ilke Brueckner-Klein Reply

    Hi Crossy,
    Thanks to you and Jacob, I have become a passionate IPWR Dot Watcher. I love reading your daily blog and am following the IPWR FB page. You, Jacob and all the other IPWR riders are just phenomenal. Keep pushing those pedals, be safe, enjoy the experience and soak up the kindness of people along the way.
    Cheers, Ilke

  3. Paul Nixon Reply

    Good to see you powering alog, Crossy. Thinking of you regularly as I go through my day and knowing how much more difficult your days are. Keep strong, be safe and enjoy. We are all so proud of you. LEGEND!!!!!.

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