Day Eleven

Crossy | Kimba – Gladstone | 276.6 km.

Jacob | Portland – Yarra Junction | 263.8 km.

Even though my day didn’t go to plan, this will possibly be the only day I ride further than PBP in this race – so I’m taking it! He did have some hills and CBD traffic to deal with, but we won’t let the facts get in the way of a good blog.

The plan was to ride to Laura, but it seemed today nothing was going to fall into place for me. Day eleven started early at 3 am and it was freezing. I had every piece of kit on that I have and was still cold to the point I almost couldn’t ride. A vast difference to the weather I’ve been experiencing so far. It did warm up after a few hours.

Coming into Port Augusta I took a wrong turn, really not sure how I missed the intersection? And the day just got better from there. The last few days I haven’t been able to get into my small gear which is essential for climbing, so I knew I needed a cable adjustment. Having noticed the boys dropping into Over the Edge cycles in Melrose, I called ahead to make sure I can get someone to check it out – CLOSED on Tuesday’s (insert sad face here) according to answering machine. But, it did appear open when I rode past some hours later after I’d found an alternate bike shop in Port Augusta. Had a cable adjustment done but they didn’t have tubes to replace the one I used yesterday. So I will have to sort that in Adelaide tomorrow.

I did have a win though when I spotted a familiar face on the side of the road and it couldn’t have come at a more needed time. It was so good to see you Paul Mackie. It’s been a while since I have seen anyone I know including the guys I started this adventure with snd it was gold! Paul rode a part of the way with me, keeping me company before I headed to Laura, bought a pizza and continued onto Gladstone.

A friendly face from home!

Early afternoon I found out all the accommodation in Laura was booked out (one hotel and caravan park) who knew a place could be so popular! Finally found an amazing couple at Gladstone caravan park that sorted me out. 10 km more riding but worth it, ending my second biggest day on the bike with the body not feeling too bad. I think I’m finding a rhythm – maybe? Let’s not get carried away.

Total km’s to date = 2569 km.


He’s bloody still smiling! Tackling the Melbourne CBD and riding through the hills like a pro, the dot watchers followed and snapped pictures and generally just loved spotting him amongst the city crowd along the route.

Bells Beach Rd

Photo credit: Lynette Bitton

Riding from Lara to You Yangs.

Photo credit: Tim Johnston

Just after Geelong at You Yangs turnoff.

Photo credit: Tim Johnston

Melbourne Docklands

Photo credit: Ken Gilbert

Yarra Boulevard.

Photo credit: Darren Varney

Stopped in Bayswater for Pizza and was recognised by ex Taree High student Sean whilst waiting. It’s a small world! Photo credit: Mark O’Gara

Photo credit: Mark O’Gara

No chance of him not being seen though, the ever safety conscious Jacob was lit up riding through Yellingbo!

Photo credit: Peter Smith

Called it a day in Yarra Junction just shy of 4000 km from Fremantle where we started. Deadset legend!

Total km’s = 3983 km.


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