Day Twelve

Crossy | Gladstone – Adelaide |252.4 km

Jacob | Yarra Junction – Bruthen| 288.2 km incl 2689m of climbing!

After a hearty breakfast supplied by Gwen at Gladstone Caravan Park for which I was very grateful, the day once again started early. Not as cold this morning, with my destination being Adelaide CBD.

Today I would reach the halfway point, making me closer to home than where my adventure began in Fremantle, WA. Surprisingly a small triumph mentally, it was very surreal experiencing it solo.

The good feelings were short lived when just after the halfway I got a puncture. Using my only remaining spare tube, meant that I had to make Adelaide puncture free from here in.

I was overwhelmed at all the dot watchers that followed my tracker and met me on route. I loved hearing their stories and that they gave up their spare time to meet and encourage me. Totally blew me away.


Photo credit: Darren Williams
Photo credit: Darren Williams

A mate from home even sent his brother to check up on me. He was running as fast as I could ride! Thanks Rhett & Clint Pattison, the encouragement was appreciated.

Clint Pattison

Jacob is 18 and rode out to meet me. Thanks buddy!


Riding into Adelaide with Craig Turnbull and Clint Halliday.

Photo credit: Clint Halliday

Thanks to Craig Turnbull (an old friend) who has put me up tonight. Familiar faces and a comfy bed when away from home are a real treat.

This journey has been the most time I have spent away from Tan and the kids. I miss them and although they’re so supportive of me doing this event, it has been a struggle for us all so far. Riding solo for the last four days has given me a lot of thinking time and I often think of them and what they’re doing. It won’t be long though till I am back and you’ll be wishing I was still on the bike!! I owe ya’s.

My Family

Alex & Ben


Only one image of the illusive PBP today from the dot watchers. Just under 2700m of climbing today pal, I have it all in front of me, but you seem to be taking it in your stride. Well done.

Riding through Tyres earlier today.

Photo credit: Patty Howlett


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