Day Thirteen

Crossy | Adelaide to Coorong | 212.1 km.

Jacob | Bruthen – Beechworth | 307.7 km.

So today I woke up and thought, is it possible to be this tired? My bones are tired! Staying with Craig & Nicole was sensational but also heightened the reality of missing home. I had to get out there ASAP. I clicked in and got lost, but eventually found the route.

I climbed Mt Lofty, even did the extra bit to the lookout at the insistence of dot watcher Andrew who with a crew of others joined me on the climb! Glad he made me do it, the view was superb.

I will note that PBP did NOT do the extra, haha!

I can only imagine those at home laughing at me doing extra climbing!

I’ve got to say Adelaide is awesome, the drop through the Gorge, the City and Handorff on the way out all blew me away.

I’m conscious that I’ve done 2 decent days, I thought I’d better roll back on the distance for today. Ended up doing 215 km with around 1600 m of climbing. Nothing compared to PBP, who is absolutely blowing everyon’es minds, including his I think!

I really enjoyed the journey today, those from home who’ve been reminding me of that, today I took it all in. Heaps of dot watchers showing their support came out to greet me, which is way cool. I can only imagine the reception Jacob received. I intend to stay in the IPWR refuges with some ‘trail angels’ over the next two nights. This means the km’s are low, but I’m okay with that.

Friend of Caveman’s!

Shout outs to; Craig & Nicole, your hospitality was incredible, the MVCC members racing the Orica this weekend, wear your colours proudly! Also, my mates at work who’ve actively followed my journey and sent messages of support. It’s all appreciated.

Where’s Crossy?!

And finally, if a guy can’t cop a break, it’s Buddy.

I saw that the storage units that store all your belongings caught fire today.

No idea of damage, but seriously!

Buddy being fitted for new legs!

Hang in there mate, I’ll see you soon.


A massive day on the bike today for Jacob doing a mega 4680 m of climbing. He seemed to take it in his stride seeing the footage and interview from Bicycling Australia Mag. Your genuine and humble approach to it all is so refreshing for the dot watchers I think.

Riding with friend Laura Rigby

Dot watchers are fascinated with PBP’s bike set up and some would be surprised to know how much of the design was of his own doing. More to come down the track on that.

Photo credit: Darren Williams


  1. Mark Beach Reply

    Crossy you are a deadset legend, there is a cold beer or 3 waiting for you at Deanos when you get back, keep pushing on mate

  2. Paul Nixon Reply

    Crossy, no one can laugh at you, only can
    admire you. You obviously have a good rhythm going and it wont be far till you start to head north towards your final destination. The downhills will be a pleasant respite. Ride safe.

  3. Paul & Melissa Richo Reply

    Great work Crossy, we’re all following you here at the Richo’s.
    Can’t wait to catch up for a beer & hear your stories.
    Paul & Melissa Richo

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