Day Fourteen

Crossy | Coorong – Millicent | 217.3 km

Jacob | Beechworth – Adaminaby | 362.10 km + 5907 m of climbing!

This morning I slept in thinking 200km no problems! Well, 200 km is 200 km and yes the weather came in hard. 8kph and I’ve got to say it was scary. I went through a range of emotions today, optimistic, pessimistic, scared, angry and grateful!

Grateful that every day I am meeting sensational people who are watching our dots each day and come out to say hello! Karen from Kingston, met me in Robe.

My riding buddy, well fair weather riding buddy – starts late, moves around all day and flicks me in bad weather and knocks off early!

The Millicent dot IPWR Refuge is outstanding! From the amazing hosts Brett & Kristy and dog Lilly, to the dot watchers that called in to have a cuppa and a chat, it was sensational!

The weather looks crap for me for a few days, even Kristy from the Sheraton IPWR Refuge at Millicent said it surprised her how cold it got. It’s late so I’m calling it – still optimistic for the 10th!


The day Jacob went off course! He was pretty bummed not be following the exact IPWR course as he feels he won’t have completed the course, but these things can’t be predicted.

Due to road closures, the general IPWR route was close at certain points along the route. In normal Enduro events, this is then up to the rider to make his/her own plans as to how they best tackle the road closure. Many debated and questioned online which route PBP should, shouldn’t or should’ve taken, but the ever calculating Jacob had already navigated the way that was not only best for him today but one that is also best for those to ride over the coming days/week with impending weather not being so great. He emphasised that the other riders still had a choice though.

All in all, he has well thought out the reroute. It looks like snow for a few days so these roads are likely safer. He was just going to jump the fence but given that parks said there were fines for non-compliance he thought it best not to. Also if there was an incident Jacob felt that he could SOS but emergency services may not be able to get to him. It’s an adventure after all.

After most seemed to be watching with bated breath, PBP popped again en-route to Adaminaby!

Nice work yet again Mr Fryatt.



  1. Paul Nixon Reply

    Hope you have your thermals Crossy. Keep pedalling, I am willing you along.

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