Day Fifteen

Crossy| Millicent – Portland | 168.4 km.

Jacob |Adaminaby – Marulan | 281++km.

The plan today was to make Port Fairy, but after being plagued with mechanicals, that plan was turned on its head pretty quick. Issues with my front wheel also meant a longer stay in Mt Gambier than I’d anticipated. The highlight of the town was my lunch, which was pretty awesome!

I must say crossing into another state today was a bit of a mental boost, even if it did feel like one step forward ten steps back today. One more state ticked off on the road to home.

After putting the call out, Dot Watchers saved the day, and mechanical issues with the rear hub, front wheel and broken spoke have all been sorted. A massive shout out to Shannon Ross at the Portland refuge who came to my rescue after getting the call and giving me a place to bed down for the night.

Have got to say the dot watchers make this event. Just when you think you’re going to chuck it in, one will appear to bring your enthusiasm back. The fact they’re watching your dot pushes you to get back on your bike the next morning when your head is screaming that you just want this to be over.

Another inspiration – my wife Tanya, who won The Orica Kermesse cycling race in Div 2 today back home. Her talent still amazes her, but no one else around her. She’s riding strong at the moment and deserves every part of her win today.

Our cycle club Manning Valley Cycle Club had 14 riders racing in the event and I am missing riding away with them today, plus the debrief at the club afterwards! Well done guys, you wore the colours proudly today and for good reason.

After a trying day, I am pretty cooked mentally and physically, it’s a new day tomorrow though, so let’s see what it brings!


For all my mechanicals today, this guy has had none! Almost 5500 km done and a brake adjustment is it for you so far! Good bike prep is essential and I thought I’d ticked that box, so even the prepared can come unstuck. Jacob’s custom built frame and expertise in putting this bike together from components is second to none. A guru in bike prepping, and it’s paid off.

His late night on the bike yesterday has also paid dividends today that he got in front of that absolute shite weather. Even though the dot watchers had no idea where you were, you had it sorted, calculated and ticked off by the end of the day and all for good reason.

Falls Creek today.

Video credit: Falls Creek Facebook page

Another state for you also today, riding past Parliament House in ACT (still looks cold) and still stopping to talk with people and greet the dot watchers. Riding past them isn’t in your nature and people are quickly working out that it’s pretty special to have a chat with you.

Video credit: Jack Steedman
Video credit: Matt Kendall

I can only imagine that tomorrow you’ll have the Opera House in sight. Can’t say I could be any more proud of how you’ve ridden this race. You’re an absolute legend.

STATE OF THE NATION – DAY FIFTEEN @ 11.53 pm PBP still riding!


Whilst Jacob and I will be home at some stage and our gruelling endurance adventure that requires every bit of grit and determination from us to get to the end will be over, this blokes journey will still be on the road to recovery and back to what life will be for him and his daughter moving forward.

Photo credit Julian Andrews

This week he has achieved a new milestone and is being fitted for new legs! Can’t say I am more proud of Buddy and seeing his face in this photo makes me feel grateful that I am healthy enough to be able to take part in this Indipac adventure. Won’t be long mate and you’ll be able to show me your new tricks!

I will put up in a seperate post – a new short video of Buddy that will get you right in the feels. So much inspiration from your story. Thanks for reminding me today when I needed the kick in the butt that I can do this.


  1. Mark Beach Reply

    Good read Crossy, you, Jacob and Buddy are absolute legends and inspirations, it has put my life into perspective over the last few weeks, when I say man I am tired, it is a case of give yourself an uppercut beachy and get on with it,keep pushing on guys

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