Jacob & the Opera House!

Jacob | Opera House | 5471 km – Finished!

The man, the myth, the legend – Jacob Fryatt.

Better known to the dot watchers as ‘Plant Based Pedaller’ or PBP for short!

I don’t think I’ve met anyone that’s so meticulous in everything they do, in all aspects of life. He’s planned, calculated and methodically carries out his day doing what needs to be done. Including in IPWR!

Photo credit: Kel Bush

Jacob, I take my hat off to you. I wish it was me finishing, but, I’m stuck in Lavers Hill with a broken rear spoke! I watched the LIVE from the Opera House though, the guys from Taree did a superb job in getting down to showcase to the world not only your finish but what a champion bloke you are.

Photo credit: Kel Bush

I hope to see you in Sydney when I arrive and we can dip the wheels together, but understand other commitments may come into play. Cheers man for experiencing this epic race somewhat with me (at least until the start line anyway!) and it’s something we will look back on for a long time to come. We always knew you would ride away at some point, it just happened fairly early and you never slowed down!

Photo credit: Kel Bush

Jacob being greeted by his Dad, friends, Taree contingent and awaiting PBP fans!

Jacob greeting his Dad, David Fryatt
Photo Credit: Kel Bush
Photo credit: Kel Bush
Photo credit: Belinda Crossingham
Photo credit: Kel Bush

Those at the Opera House or that were watching the live stream were privy to a Jacob debriefing and ride interview. We’re putting together a Q & A session for Jacob, so if you have any questions, let us know!

Photo credit: Kel Bush

In the meantime, here is part of what he had to say on the live stream, those there got an extra 10 mins on top of this again once the live feed finished! Exclusive footage that we will release shortly.

Thanks to Nigel Ferguson for his live streaming skills!

Family, what it all means when you have someone to support your dreams.

Photo credit: Belinda Crossingham


  1. Clinton Reply

    I was there with my two daughters. It was a privilege to see Jacob finish what has been an epic, incredibly well executed ride.

    My two girls think he is a real life super hero, and I have to agree!

    Good luck to all IPWR 2019 riders!

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