Day Nineteen

Crossy | Tyers – Bruthen | 164 km

Weather was pretty fresh when I started out this morning and left the Tyers refuge. Many thanks again to Brett and Tracy, it really is like staying with friends and I do hope to catch up with them in the future where I can return the favour and offer them a bed on their travels.

The plan for the day after much contemplation was to try and get as far as I could. For the most part, the terrain was generally flat a few bumps but nothing compared to what is to come tomorrow. So doing what I could do today to lessen tomorrow seemed like a good idea. So Omeo was the target.

I hit Bairnsdale mid-afternoon and I knew I was in trouble, just fatigued. I pushed on a further 25 km to Bruthen and called it a day. There was no way I would make the 90km to Omeo, so decided to get off early and grab some decent sleep, ready to tackle the “backside” of Falls Creek tomorrow.

In my head, things are up against me. I’m tired physically & mentally. Just to add to it, the toughest terrain is at my doorstep. You know when it starts from what I’ve been told as the comment everyone makes after rounding the last corner before the climb is “WTF”!

We’re getting towards the time where predictions of a finishing date may be for me reaching the Opera House. I’m hoping anytime from Tuesday to Thursday next week. The trick is to enjoy the Indipac adventure, whilst also getting it wrapped up ASAP. I am trying to take it all in, but it’s hard when things are tough.

So keen to present Buddy with the proceeds of all the fundraising and also to see Tan & the kids, it’s been harder then I imagined being away from them.


Happy birthday mate, I look forward to having a beer with you next week in celebration!


Thanks guys for chipping in to support Buddy and his road ahead. $200 raised, I appreciate it more than you know!


Pretty sure he’s been dot watching and greeting them coming into the Opera House, I’ll be there soon mate!

He’s even bought some clothes and shoes!

Photo credit: Jacob Fryatt
Photo credit: Manoo Mandayam


Congratulations to both Paul and Ryzza for reaching the Opera House. I sit here writing this dreaming of next week and living that moment for myself! To see family and friends again is a gift I look forward to getting.


  1. Paul Nixon Reply

    Hang in there Crossy, keep positive,.Glad to read that you are endeavoring to take it all in and the ride will be over and you can have vivid memories of the picturesque parts. Brother John said that if anyone can do it, that YOU are the man for it. He has faith in your ability. Stay positive, ride hard and be safe.

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