Day Twenty

Crossy | Bruthen to Mt Beauty| 194 km – 4360 m of brutal climbing.

I was due a solid day of riding and I am glad it came today!

Started out from Bruthen nice and early at 5 am headed for Falls Creek. Was hoping I could go past there but had my sights set on that for now. Just getting to the top. I was going to try and attempt this first section yesterday and I was so glad I didn’t. It was a hard little 90 km climb to Omeo surprisingly.

I had it on good authority that a mate from home was somewhere in the Falls Creek region and was looking forward to seeing him. Those that know me, know I love a chat and being surrounded by others. I thought I would value the solitude of this race and even talked about that prior. Now living it, I can’t say I am a fan. We have a strong cycling contingent back home who all regularly ride together, and I think I much prefer that, even if they run late sometimes! Which drives me bananas!

Just before Anglers Rest I came across Matty Worth, a sight for sore eyes really. We’ve been mates for a seriously long time and always enjoy riding with him and he certainly pumped me up for the climb ahead that’s for sure.

Short stop at Anglers Rest and then the serious stuff began.

Always good for some encouragement!

Short stop for some chocolate – there’s always time for that!

And just like that, I made it to the top. Not really, but it sounded like what I should say next! It was an EPIC climb that was bloody hard but made much easier riding and being encouraged by a good mate.

Mt Beauty, yep it was cold!

It’s my wedding anniversary tomorrow and I won’t be home to see Tan, and when I saw this on my ride today I thought it was worthy of a photo. Happy anniversary Tan, I miss you and can’t wait to see you next week. Thanks for supporting me and letting me do this crazy adventure. xx


Trevor and Rodney look like they’ll finish at the Opera House tomorrow, well-done boys, you’ve both put in a solid ride over the last 3 weeks.


  1. Mark Beach Reply

    Well done on the climb mate,keep pushing on legend

  2. Bernadette Reply

    Going great Crossy. Dont know how you find the time to write these blogs. Love the wedding snap. Have a good day yourself.

  3. Japp54 Reply

    Great ride, good luck with getting to the finish by your birthday

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