Day Twenty Three

Crossy | Tooma – Cooma | 170km – 3844m.

They said it’d be hard and they weren’t joking!

The climb to Cabramurra though spectacular took a mental toll. It was stunning and lucky I was going slow so I could see it! After riding for three hours I looked down at my bike computer to realise I’d only ridden 29km but had climbed almost 1000m. You’ve just got to keep pushing on to win over that climb. The legs felt surprisingly good, I just had to keep my head in the game and get to the top.

Making my way down one of the descent’s and I spotted a Wallaby off to the side of the road. In my head I’m screaming “don’t do it!” but it did. Obviously only the good die young, with half an eye open, I hit the tail and rear of the thing but managed to keep the bike upright, I’m not sure how! My heart rate was 200, I stopped to catch my breath and rang Tan. Closest I’ve been to coming off since leaving Perth, it was bloody close!

Having not passed a car in either direction since leaving Tooma around 5 am, if things went differently, it could’ve been a long wait for someone to find me, if at all!

Some 60km later I realised I’d flat spotted my rear tyre and it was pretty sketchy. I again put the call out to the ‘dot watchers’ and an awesome bloke answered my smoke rings! Todd Bonney lived 120km away in Canberra, but went to a local bike shop, purchased a new tyre and drove to Cooma to get it to me.

This race not only inspires us crazies to have a crack but it involves a whole community of people to get us there. This is his second time for an Indipac rider he has purchased a tyre and driven it to them. It is people like you Todd that takes the whole thing to a new level. So thank you, I am deeply appreciative that you gave up your Sunday afternoon. He even has a IPWR shirt!

I caught up with the legend Todd at my accommodation in Cooma and got the wheel sorted plus had a much needed beer. What a day!

I’d previously tried The Bike Wrench in Cooma who informed me they were closed and wouldn’t be open until Tuesday. They did mention that a bike shop in Jindabyne should be able to help me though. Pity, it was 80 km in the wrong direction! They’re either not true bike enthusiasts or have no idea what the Indian Pacific Wheel Race is?

In effect, I have ridden just under 5000km to get to Cooma and experienced for the first time a bike shop that was unhelpful. Pretty good odds for the rest of Australia between Perth and Cooma, take a bow the rest of you!

I am now back in New South Wales, that happened yesterday, but in my anxiety of the climb, I overlooked that in my blog. It is humbling knowing that finishing this thing is actually becoming a reality, and it really might happen! Still thinking ETA Wednesday.


Life seems back to normal for PBP, hanging on the front of the Sunday Bunchie!
I’m still coming pal, see you Wednesday! #pbp #lifeisgood

Photo credit Josh Alley
Video credit: Josh Alley


Pretty sure Elliott will finish tonight, well done champ, a hell of a ride!

Otherwise there is a flood of guys heading to the finish tomorrow, what a day at the Opera House! If you can, get in and support them all to the finish!


  1. Todd Bonney Reply

    Was nothing but a pleasure to meet Crossy and spend some time with him, cracking bloke doing great things, bring it home to Sydney mate, I’ll be glued to your dot

  2. Clinton - IPWR watcher Reply

    Great post Crossy! Glad you stayed on the bike, that sounds scary. And Todd. A genuine legend. Elliot came in extremely late on Sunday. Juzzy even later! I don’t know how they managed to ride so late into the night, but I guess the motivation you guys have while doing this ride is something unique. I even stayed up till 1am with the intention of seeing them at the Opera House, and then fell asleep…

    I definitely catch the two arrivals on Monday and I’ll be sure to see you on Wednesday, just don’t come in at 2am!!

    Strong legs Crossy, you’re nearly there!

  3. Vicki Luke Reply

    Michael probably don’t remember me. We did run together before the Sydney marathon in a training run years ago.
    You struggled through 10kms just weeks before the marathon! Your tenacity and determination got you through that marathon in a time anyone would be proud of. You amazed me then!
    I have been following you through this journey. Not only do you amaze me now..I am in awe of you! What a champion and a fighter you are. Keep on peddling and enjoy your moment when you cross that finish line.

    Vicki Luke

  4. Steve Reply

    Hey Crossy- going great great guns…..oh so close now and we’re with you all of the way. Go, go, go….only wish we were to give you a big birthday hug ????? love, Steve and Ellen ??

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