Day Twenty Four

Crossy | Cooma – Canberra – Bungendore | 170km – 1514m.

With the hills behind me and back in my home state, the finish line is now in my thoughts, just. From the start, I’ve been allowing myself to only think 24 hrs ahead. Basically; ride – eat – sleep – repeat. My very own personal groundhog day! I didn’t want to get too far ahead of myself in case this thing didn’t go to plan.

I rolled out of Cooma after a great sleep, and headed towards Canberra with Tarago as my destination.

First stop – get something to eat!

Thanks once again to Todd Bonney for coming to my rescue yesterday and was again on the route to give me encouragement for today’s ride. He wouldn’t even take money for the tyre, so I have donated the cash to Buddy’s fund in your honour mate. I am fairly sure you marked up the course through Canberra after finding it well posted too! So easy to follow.

Jack Steedman a young man I admire from Taree met me en route. He’d taken the day off work and kept me company for most of the day. I saw this young man move through juniors in my home club, Manning Valley Cycle Club, into a fantastic senior rider, so was thrilled to have him join me. Thanks Jacko!

I do have it on good authority though that he’s wrecked on the lounge after one day! Lucky he isn’t on day 24 and 50!

I started the day not feeling great, a little sick on the stomach. I’m not sure if that was nerves on getting closer to Sydney, being cooked from yesterday or knowing I was going to ride past Mike’s memorial today. It puts into perspective what this race certainly means now, to me and to all of us, and I’ve got to say it shifted me.

I felt both sad and confused and after a long ride in the saddle from WA, I am tired. For Mike, to have gotten so far, to have achieved so much not just in this race but in life, and for it all to be taken away, is hard to comprehend. He impacted so many, and most like me have never met him. He was the epitome of dedication to his craft, lived outside his comfort zone, and ensured we’ve never been alone on this journey we call IPWR.I’ve certainly thought of you more than once along the way. #bemoremike #ipwr

Photo credit: Jack Steedman

I changed states today – twice! Into the ACT for a period and back into NSW for the second time.

Photo credit: Jack Steedman
Photo credit: Rod Higgins

I even caught up with a mate I haven’t seen since high school – Greg Batchelor, so out of the blue!

Photo credit: Jack Steedman

After realising that I couldn’t get an evening meal in Tarago this evening, I had to pull up short of my goal today. Food and eating are so important to what we are doing, and we certainly need the calories regularly throughout each day. They only serve dinners at the Loaded Dog from Thurs – Sun and with nowhere to get a decent breakfast for 65km from there, I decided Bungendore would be my bed for tonight. Tomorrow I will push on to Wollongong and to Sydney on Wednesday. It’s hard for family and friends my arrival into Sydney being midweek, sorry I didn’t plan that better, I did try!

I can smell the taste of success, almost. I’ll get tomorrow out of the way first though!


Day 24 saw four champions ride onto the Opera House concourse. Elliott and Juzzy Wussy in the early hours followed by Marty Cross and Wozdog later in the day making eleven riders who’ve successfully completed the 2019 Indipac, with more to come! I would’ve loved to be part of that debrief on the steps guys.

Photo credit: Dan Owen
Photo credit: @bikeparckerau
Photo credit: Dan Owen
Photo credit: Nat Cross (Cross Challenge)
Woz Dog, Marty, Caveman, James


  1. Paul Nixon Reply

    You are way past legendary status Crossy,especially now that you have even avoided a collision with a Roo!!!!!. Hang in there you have done a great job. Will be eagerly awaiting a call from David, telling me of your arrival at The Opera House. Pedal safe.

  2. Mark Beach Reply

    As Paul said, You are way past legendary Crossy, you are on the home stretch, looking forward to buying you a beer when you are back in Taree

  3. Garry Woolnough Reply

    More than an outstanding effort Michael.
    We can only imagine how tough it has been for you on so many ways .
    We all here in the Manning are watching and cheering you on and are so proud of your effort and for your raising money for Buddy.
    Just as well MVCC has a couple of weeks off the road season?
    Well done Crossy.
    Keep focused, keep strong, keep riding.

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