Day Twenty Six

Crossy | Wollongong – Sydney Opera House| 136km – 1711m.

The last supper, well breakfast – forgot to ask for a bowl so I ate my 8 weetbix broken up in a tea cup to get me rolling. Looking forward to getting this thing done, seeing the family and having a decent sleep in my own bed.

Isaac Hogan was running late because I left early, and not sure where Tom Fletcher got to, haven’t seen him yet. Headed out of Wollongong and rode past some spectacular coastline, pity I couldn’t see it at 4am.

I was lucky to be joined on the ride with some mates from home, not having seen them all, it was one step closer to my family at the Opera House.

Nige Ferguson at Ramsgate. Photo credit: Terese Ferguson

Jacob Fryatt, Dan Crossingham and Scott ‘Grumpy’ Crawford joined me a bit further up the road as well as Elliott for another ride in.

Photo credit: Clinton

I haven’t seen Jacob since leaving Perth 26 days ago and Elliott when we separated on the Nullabor.

I really took my time today to savor what it has all meant plus I told everyone 2pm and when I was ahead of schedule, I had to kill some time!

The reception at the Opera House was nothing like what I expected. Being mid week I wasn’t sure who would be able to get time off work to attend. So thought it would be a small group. I was blown away at those that rearranged their schedule to be with me at the conclusion of such an epic expedition and challenge I set out to achieve.

Cheers for the support.


  1. Mike luke Reply

    Hey Mick,

    I often tell people of this crazy bastard who ran the Sydney Marathon without training. It’s one of my go to stories.

    Now there’s a better story…………….
    a crazier bastard!

  2. Mark Beach Reply

    Well done Crossy, , catchya when you are back in town, there will be a couple of beers waiting for you at Deanos,

  3. Paul Nixon Reply

    Well done. Sorry I couldn’t be there to welcome you back. Will look forward to chatting next time I am in Taree, with David. Rest up and enjoy your achievement. Kind regards, Paul.

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