Day Twenty Two

Crossy | Tallangatta – Tooma | 155km – 1600m.

Setting up for the big day of climbing tomorrow has been a couple of days in the making. Closer to Cabramurra climb, towns become sparser, accommodation options less and refuelling/restocking a challenge. Being tactical about where to stay and restock supplies is vital. I’ve fallen short a couple of times already this race on food prep and wasn’t keen to repeat on one of my hardest days.

I took the opportunity at Tallangatta to restock at the local IGA and made sandwiches, packed muesli bars, fruit etc. I also may have taken advantage of the local bakery which conveniently opened at 3 am! Gotta love a good bakery and some of these smaller towns are winners.

The destination today could be one of two options due to the road closure currently in place with both options leading to Cooma, beyond the climb.

Option one: follow the path of Jacob (PBP), Paul, Ryzza, Rodney, Elliot, Juzzy Wuzzy & Hayden and overnighting in Tooma. A town of 104 which would become 105 accommodating me!
167km | 3676m (Strava)

Option two: head south following Marty Cross, Woz Dog & Myfanwy who yesterday took an alternate route to the others and staying in Khancoban.
170km | 3754m (Strava)

Both very similar distances, and metres climbed, but throw in some bad weather for Thredbo overnight, and my choice for option one became pretty clear. I’ve experienced enough cold already!

So the plan for Day 22 was to go short and prep for tomorrow.
Fuel up, restock along the way, arrive early, more eating, wash the kit, and get a decent sleep.

I ticked all the boxes and some. The scenery along today’s ride was spectacular, and the usual loneliness replaced with being okay with the solitude of just riding my bike, eating on the side of the road and genuinely enjoying it! It’s amazing what good sleep and a decent feed can do to perspective.

Sitting in the bar at Tooma Inn and I overheard four young guys talking cycling and it turns out they’re down this way on a training camp. Lachie, Toby, Cam and Kelsey, I’m sure I’ll see you around the racing circuit somewhere!


This bloke finished at the Opera House today and what a legend of a bloke!

Thanks for the advice, the mateship and your company for the short period I was able to be with you. It certainly is part of the things I’ve loved about Indipac that’s for sure.

Well done Chris ‘Caveman’ Barker, three from three is impressive!

Photo credit: James Jinks


  1. Paul Nixon Reply

    Its downhill all the way in Macquarie St to The Opera House Crossy!!!!!! You can look forward to that. Enjoy and be safe.

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