Day Seventeen

Crossy | Lavers Hill – Melbourne | 279 km

Jacob | K-Mart – to buy pluggers!

Today I was determined to have a great day! I was pumped from Jacob finishing and had heaps of messages from home as well as the culture of those supporting us all that set me up mentally to tackle whatever was thrown at me today.

Thanks to the generosity of ‘Trail Angels’ I had a bed at short notice last night. Thanks to Bernadette Marriner and Annabel Tellis for sorting me out. I caught up with them to thank them in person this morning in Apollo Bay, in freezing conditions.

Photo credit: Bernadette Marriner
Photo credit: Annabel Tellis

From Apollo Bay I pushed on through to Melbourne where I met up with fellow team Indipac rider Luke Jeffrey to help me sort my rear wheel. He passed the baton over last week to fellow teammates and was happy to help me. If nothing else I have gained some amazing friends through this challenge that I will remember for life. Thanks buddy for coming to the rescue.

Photo credit: Luke Jeffrey

My plan was to do a long one, possibly my longest ride so far, but my plan didn’t pan out. It was just too dark and eerie on the outskirts of Melbourne. I was riding through Yarra Boulevard in the dark and it all seemed a little sketchy, so I decided to bed down in a Motel and start again in the morning. At least then I will see where I am going and no one can decide they need my bike more than me right now!

Still had a fairly solid day though, rounding out about 280km on the bike since leaving Lavers hill yesterday morning. By the time you read this I will hopefully be moving again!



Socialising and fine dining as well purchasing new footwear to match his tan.
Enjoy the rest mate, you’ve earned it!


  1. Paul Nixon Reply

    Go hard Crossy, you too are a legend,. Awesome running repair too. You are looking better than the 10 th, I am sure. Keep peddaling and be safe.

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